Android 7.0 Nougat Released

The latest operating system Android 7.0 Nougat has been released by Google. According various sources it will be available only for the most recent devices. As per the previous releases it has been built upon the foundation of Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the selection of new features. One of the most requested and sought after feature in this release is multi-window support for the applications, means that user can run multiple application simultaneously.

Khronos Group’s Vulkan low-level application programming interface (API) is now supported and it will improve visuals and 3D gaming performance on some supported devices. Android Nougat also boasts support of Daydream VR platform which included VR Mode for reduced graphics latency and sustained performance mode for optimizing app’s performance as per the device’s thermal profile. Nougat comes with the updated emoji in addition to support for emoji skin tones. Nougat is the first release to support Unicode 9.0. Nougat has a new Data Saver mode which triggers the internal functions in apps designed to reduce bandwidth usage.

On the security front Nougat has various additions to its underlying platform to harden the security of the devices.
Runtime integer overflow detection was implemented to prevent vulnerabilities caused by the majority of Stagefright like programming bugs. In Nougat, kernel memory is divided into logical segments for code and date to reduce the possibility of malicious code being injected or executed inside the Linux Kernel. Verified boot policy must be strictly enforced on devices shipping with Nougat. This policy with allow the operating system to boot into limited use-mode or it may refuse to boot at all if system files are corrupted or modifier. This functionality was first introduced partially in KitKat. Seamless On-the-fly updates are also introduced in the Android Nougat. It will download and install updated in the background along with the file level encryption.

More information regarding the Android Nougat release is available on the official launch page.

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